What i can do

Translation/interpreting - Setting up business - Assistance with French administration
Legal assistance -Utlity networks - Renovation/construction issues

My name is Anne-Isabelle GUYOT, I am French and I have been living in South Charente for 21 years, in the heart of an important Anglo-Saxon community.

In 1998, I decided to change life and job; my secret dream had always been to become what we call in French an "Ecrivain Public". The closest equivalent in English would probably be a "Scribe". My main target at that time was the French rural population, but I very quickly realized that the people asking for help were mainly Brits.

I was trained as a conference interpreter in Brussels, so I am bilingual and that is how I started my business in 2001.

Since then, I have dealt with all sorts of problems that expats can have, living in France, even problems I would never have thought of !